Sunday, September 18, 2005


As a "self-portrait", I originally found it very difficult to portray myself with being only limited to a photograph of the back of my head. Then, after some thought, I decided to take the picture of myself holding my skateboard behind my head because skateboarding used to be a huge part of my life. Because the photographers that we studied in class questioned gender, I decided to do the same with my photograph. I used various objects and colors to represent masculinity and femininity . As you saw, the skateboard represents masculinity. I painted the skateboard to get my point across further. Featured on the skateboard is a boy outlined in black, smoking, with his eyes closed. He represents the ignorant male perspective. Also, I painted the nose and tail of the skateboard black to represent masculinity. As you can see, the black seems to be running down into the white background, representing the takeover of women's rights. If you haven't already noticed, I used the color white to represent femininity. The background is painted white (with the boy's back to it furthering is ignorance), the white shirt I'm wearing (signifying I'm a girl), and the white calla lilly in my hair (resembling a vagina, I don't think it could symbolize womanhood any more!).
While I don't skate much anymore because of the constant chastisement from the pretentious male skate community that I had received, I will always look back on that time with a smile.