Monday, November 28, 2005

PSA Project

"When will the obsession stop?"

The significance of the text is to express the pressure for women to live up to a certain societal standard, one which is practically impossible to obtain. The "obsession" can be any one of these pressures: weight, hair, make-up, clothing, etc. that present-day society is forcing upon women. However, the obsession can be easily categorized into one pressure: the pressure to be beautiful.

The text was installed on a mirror, specifically in a bathroom (where the majority of their time is spent trying to live up to these impossible standards), to convey that women are constantly surveying themselves in any type of reflection that may cross their paths. This obsession to incessantly asess their appearance is increasingly encouraged by society and women themselves who unknowingly fall into the trap of striving for unexisting perfection. And the question remains: when will the obsession stop?

Thursday, November 10, 2005


While my film stills don't necessarily look like they could be taken out of a movie, they are, in fact, representative of a particular film. The film is one of my own. Not too long ago, I filmed a short experimental piece, "Untitled", which displayed the pressure of a teenage girl being forced by society to look "beautiful" and succombing to these pressures by applying make-up, representing her demise through the consumption of a slushie. As odd as it sounds, it came out relatively decent. I worked mainly with the color red: the slushie, the "girl's" skin tone, and the color of the make-up she was applying. As the character applied make-up, the slushie progressively was consumed. By the end, the character's face was "all done up" and the slushie was empty. Symbolism and meaning are completely up to interpretation.

As the character applied the make-up, I focused in on each of her main features: eyes, cheeks, and lips. For this project, I decided to focus of just the lips and the application of lip gloss. These photos may appear redundant, which exactly exemplifies my point. The process of applying make-up, day after day, becomes incredibly repetitive, to myself, if only. While the end product is cleaner, both in physicality of the character, and the picture quality itself, it is representative that the end product, while appearing better, is a very frustrating process, as seen in the other pictures.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Self-portrait 4

I chose to put myself in the the fantastical space of a book. My new landscape includes a collage consisting of multiple images that I need to live, including various items of food, such as coffee. I fit into this landscape, literally, as a painting of just the top of my head in the lower right-hand corner. My head is down as if I'm reading a book, deeply enthralled in the material "at hand". Figurativley, this reveals the interactions of my personal landscape and the actual world. Putting myself into the book shows my deep love for literature and how when deeply enthralled in a piece of writing, nothing exists around me except for this and how I actually feel as though I am part of the book. With this project, I could literally put myself into a book.