Monday, November 28, 2005

PSA Project

"When will the obsession stop?"

The significance of the text is to express the pressure for women to live up to a certain societal standard, one which is practically impossible to obtain. The "obsession" can be any one of these pressures: weight, hair, make-up, clothing, etc. that present-day society is forcing upon women. However, the obsession can be easily categorized into one pressure: the pressure to be beautiful.

The text was installed on a mirror, specifically in a bathroom (where the majority of their time is spent trying to live up to these impossible standards), to convey that women are constantly surveying themselves in any type of reflection that may cross their paths. This obsession to incessantly asess their appearance is increasingly encouraged by society and women themselves who unknowingly fall into the trap of striving for unexisting perfection. And the question remains: when will the obsession stop?


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