Saturday, December 03, 2005


For this experiment, I chose to paint and unpaint my nails for three hours. For three hours I repeated the process of applying and removing color from fingernails. This experiment was rather difficult, not really to perform, but rather to interpret into art. I did find that at certain times the process, from performing it over and over again, began to seem rather surreal. I honestly don't know whether it was from just the redundant process, or if the actual everyday "ritual" begain to truly morph into art. I suppose the difference between the art I made by painting my nails over and oaver again and the mere process of painting my nails is much like I said before: the process became incredibly surreal. I felt like I was in a daze, and each stroke of nail polish was a kind of art in and of itself. I suppose that answers the first question why my performance was art. From this project, I believe art to be whatever you make it. While the majority would agree that painting and re-painting your fingernails isn't quite the "art" one would expect, it did, in my opinion, reflect a some type of art, only one of which someone in my position could understand. As for explaining the difference between art and life.... I suppose the only real way to answer that question would be to explain that it is truly up to the artist and the interpretation of the art itself. Like before, the painting of fingernails seems nothing like art by itself, until the act of painting my nails became art to me. Art is, if you will, in the eye of the beholder.